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Hydrozoa Bibliographic and Documentary Archive - Archive info

The archive contains a bibliography on the Hydrozoa (Cnidaria) from 1581 up to date.
A number of records, particularly those concerning the publications owned
by prof. Ferdinando Boero, include abstracts, full-text and other linked resources.
The data, provided by the Departmnent of Biology on electronic as well as on printed support, have been re-processed and imported by SIBA Coordination on the on-line management and consulting system designed and realized by the Coordination itself.
Such a system, accessible via the Web, is based on standard open technologies (MySQL, PHP and JavaScript), on standard formats for access and distribution of documents and on standard communication protocols.

The archive was created within the project PEET (Partnerships for Enhancing Expertise in Taxonomy) and within the cooperation relations with Duke University as well as within th Project coordinated by the University of Catania and Lecce.
It will be further developed and integrated with more information resources within the same projects as well as within the project BIS (Biodiversity Information System).

At the moment the archive consists of about 15000 records.

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